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Marcos L

Natalya is a very professional and caring about her clients I strongly reccomend her for any case, I had some strong charges pending, dv, violation of my probation and drug related charges. Natalya believes in her clients and getting them back on track in their lives. She kept me up to date and was right there to have my back.
I was given a another chance and have a great life today thanks to her and her firm!

- (5 star review)

Highly recommended

I was charged with an assault 4. Natalya was able to keep me from getting a conviction of any kind on my record, without going to trial. I’d recommend her to anyone seeking criminal defense councel.

- (5 star review)

A wonderful lawyer to work with!

I was charged with Assault 4 DV. I was terrified. Natalya was so wonderful, she explained everything in great detail, I could contact her anytime and could ask her any thing. She always kept me up to date about what was happening, she called to check on how I was doing. Natalya completed my case with the best possible outcome for me. Natalya is a strong, competent lawyer who demands great respect in the court room. I felt well represented and always felt she had my best interest at heart. Natalya got me through a very scary and tough time and without her hard work and compassionate support I would not have fared so well.

- (5 star review)

The best attorney I’ve ever had defending me

I’m a recent client and Natalya represented me in a dui case. She was effective and efficient and really took the time to listen to my legal needs. Very professional

- (5 star review)

10.0Natalya Forbes
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